Saturday, April 12, 2008


Date of summit: Monday - April 7, 2008

Mountain: Backbone Mountain

Summit: Hoye Crest

Elevation: 3,260 feet

This was our first state "high point" in our quest to hike to the highest peak in each of the 50 states and beyond. We drove 2 1/2 hours from Katie's house in Winchester, VA then hiked about an hour to the top of Backbone Mountain, Hoye Crest. This was Cai's first mountain hike since he was born February 29!

It was a nice 4 mile round-trip hike on a beautiful day. Not quite spring made the hiking easy without and bushes, undergrowth, or leaves to block our view of the scenery. Cai likes hiking a lot - puts him right to sleep!

This is a marker where we crossed the West Virginia and Maryland border. The trailhead where we parked is in West Virginia; the summit of course is in Maryland.

Great family hike. We sure love the outdoors!

On our way to the trailhead (which isn't easy to find), we visited the smallest church in the Unites States as well as the smallest US Post Office. So they claim. It's only about 2-3 miles north of the trailhead.

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